Graphic of someone with bad gut health experiencing the following symptoms: stomach issues, poor sleep, and acne.

A healthy gut changed my life. How will it change yours?

For years, nothing could fix my bad skin and digestive problems... But then I learned about gut health.

Fermented foods = natural probiotics

The amazing thing about our gut is that it can be altered simply by the foods we eat! Fermented foods, like water kefir, are natural sources of probiotics.

But why water kefir?

Other probiotic drinks didn't cut it for me.

- Kombucha smells/tastes too funky & it has caffeine.

- Yogurt is dairy.

- Probiotic soda is too artificial.

What makes us different?

We refuse to take shortcuts.

1) We use only real fruits (no fake stuff like "natural flavors").

2) We never pasteurize. It's living from start to finish.

3) And we have 11+ active cultures (compared to 1-3 by other brands).